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Synonyms for disease

a pathological condition of mind or body

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We've seen babies sitting and standing, milestones not normally achieved in babies with Pompe's disease," says van der Ploeg, who calls the treatment "life saving.
Genzyme officials counter that it's easier and cheaper to produce the enzyme in hamster cells and that a research team at Duke University has already used alpha-glucosidase made this way to treat several infants with Pompe's disease.
You are hopeful, knowing that there are doctors working on a cure for Pompe's disease.
We've gotten letters from people who've read the story in national magazines and they will tell us that they had a brother who died of Pompe's disease in 1960.
Use of immobilized antibodies in investigating acid [alpha]-glucosidase in urine in relation to Pompe's disease.
From Aileen's dad getting on a plane to go to California (where they then lived) within an hour, to my mother immediately getting on the Internet and typing in Pompe's disease, something we had never heard of, which helped us find out there are researchers out there and there was some hope.
9 million from the Genzyme-Pharming Alliance LLC and Pharming-Genzyme LLC for the development of an enzyme replacement therapy for Pompe's disease and an amount of EUR 2.
The clinical part of Pharming's infantile Phase II clinical trial for Pompe's disease was successfully completed.
Pharming believes that its current cash position will allow it to reach its next phase of development, namely the market launch of its lead biopharmaceutical product human alpha-Glucosidase for Pompe's disease, as well as further developing its product portfolio.
Pompe's disease is one of 40 rare diseases known as lyosomal storage disorders.
EASDAQ:PHAR) today announced the formation of a joint venture to develop and commercialize worldwide the enzyme human alpha-glucosidase as a treatment for Pompe's disease, a fatal lysosomal storage disorder.
EASDAQ: PHAR) today announced their intention to form a joint venture to develop and commercialize the enzyme human alpha-glucosidase as a treatment for Pompe's disease, a fatal lysosomal storage disorder.
In a paper presented at today's session of the American Heart Association's 69th Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Johns Hopkins and Avigen scientists reported on the successful delivery and sustained expression of a gene associated with an inherited fatal heart disease in children known as Pompe's disease in experimental models.