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Synonyms for disease

Synonyms for disease

a pathological condition of mind or body

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Clinical manifestation and natural course of late-onset Pompe's disease in 54 Dutch patients.
Respiratory insufficiency and limb muscle weakness in adults with Pompe's disease.
Diagnosis of Pompe's disease using leukocyte preparations.
John Crowley was devastated when his children Megan, four, and Patrick, three, fell ill with Pompe's disease - a rare and incurable muscle disorder.
There is a pipeline of treatments that will soon become available for a variety of rare, lysosomal storage diseases," such as Niemann-Pick disease and Pompe's disease, Dr.
A controversy over rabbit's milk and hamster ovaries provides background drama to a successful attempt to use a human enzyme to treat the rare genetic disorder Pompe's disease.
Through this patent, a viable production method for human alpha-Glucosidase to treat Pompe's disease was disclosed for the first time ever.
Also called: Glycogenosis type 2, Pompe's disease (infantile form), lysosomal storage disease
Investors should pay particularly close attention to Myozyme the enzyme replacement therapy for treating Pompe's disease.
Megan and Patrick both have Pompe's disease, a rare muscular disorder.