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a member of an Indian people of northern California living along the Russian River valley and adjacent Pacific coast

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the Kulanapan language spoken by the Pomo

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Frente a esto, en los reinos franceses e hispanicos el pomo tardo en cobrar importancia (12), despuntando en cierta medida la Corona de Aragon, donde se introdujo en la coronacion de Pedro II en 1204, cuando el papa Inocencio III le otorgo este simbolo en detrimento de los derechos antes exclusivos del emperador (13), y donde cobro especial importancia a partir de Pedro IV el Ceremonioso (1336-1387) (14).
Con su imaginacion Luke hallo su mejor papel en el de guionista de peliculas pomo, la belleza de Michelle era su principal aportacion, la otra sus multiples viajes referenciales a filmes mexicanos y musica de todo tipo (no es gratuito que cada apartado abra con una cita musical).
Thus, while Pomo PMs can repeat past behaviors when faced with a familiar situation, they are not required to do so.
Together they provide a fitting showcase for not only Hudson's exquisitely detailed paintings but also the Pomo artifacts collected by her ethnographer husband, John Hudson.
Lest you still be uncertain (though as Brown says, buying into postmodernism does not come cheap), let me summarize Brown's arguments for being into PoMo.
I had stacks of information, early government census rolls on California Indians, endless ethnographic data on the Pomo and Southwestern Wintun Indians, several interviews with the museum curators and basket specialists who had known Mabel over the years, articles and newspaper clippings" (155).
Hudson grew up in the white settler culture that displaced Pomo villages in Northern California.
Apart from these shady motives for embracing the pomo label, a more positive one relates to the capacity to excite (Burrell 1994).
This it does well, with chapters on specific research objectives; a discussion of native laborers in a multi-ethnic community; a description of the natural environment; an archaeological overview and an analysis; and a diachronic perspective of the Kashaya Pomo from ethnohistoric observations, ethnographic texts and Kashaya oral traditions.
Because cyberspace itself has become a commodity, bought and sold on the concept exchange of sci-fi, hackerdom, pomo academe and crash clubs.
Today is another POMO (Permanent Open Market Operation) day by the Federal Reserve.
Ademas esta la muerte, aparentemente por suicidio y sin relacion alguna, de una estrella del pomo en decadencia.
The centerpiece of this second round of Indian-gaming compacts reached by the Republican governor includes a deal with the Lytton Band of Pomo Indians that will allow the Northern California tribe to open a 5,000-slot machine mega-casino in the east San Francisco Bay Area city of San Pablo.
Hopes are high that this show, the first major retrospective of Robert Venturi's career, will answer the prickliest question about pomo architecture's Patient Zero: Is there anything in his buildings that can match wits with the sharp and influential rhetoric of Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture (1966) or Learning from Las Vegas (1972)?
Except that cyberpunk has anticipated such stuff, has got the pomo jump on the mainstream.