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type genus of the Pomacentridae: damselfishes

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The present paper describes a new species of Pomacentrus that has been questionably identified as P.
Summary of counts of soft dorsal rays, soft anal rays, pectoral rays, tubed lateral-line scales, and gill rakers (GR) on the first branchial arch of Pomacentrus maafu.
Remarks: The new species is closely related to Pomacentrus moluccensis and DNA analysis reveals a sister species relationship between these two taxa.
Pomacentrus aurifrons, a new species of damselfish (Pomacentridae) from Melanesia.
Sequential cladogenesis of Pomacentrus moluccensis (Bleeker, 1853) supports the peripheral origin of marine biodiversity in the Indo-Australian Archipelago.
Phylogeography of the neon damselfish, Pomacentrus coelestis, reveals species origin and a cryptic species in the Coral Triangle.
Otolith microstructure in pre- and post-settlement Pomacentrus coelestis (Pisces: Pomacentridae).
Elemental signatures of Pomacentrus coelestis otoliths at multiple spatial scales on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
The present paper describes a new species of Pomacentrus that was first noticed in 2007 during a conservation survey in Bacuit Bay, near El Nido near the northern tip of Palawan Island, Philippines.
Proportional measurements of selected type specimens of Pomacentrus cheraphilus as percentage of the standard length.
Comparisons: The new species generally resembles several other nondescript, mainly dark brown or greyish brown Pomacentrus from the western Pacific including P.