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any of a large class of siloxanes that are unusually stable over a wide range of temperatures

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However, each type of OMMT has a different effect on the swelling properties of polysiloxane matrix.
A series of seven defoamers, based on polysiloxane chemistry, was developed to consistently and reproducibly match the requirements of a wide range of applications.
Radiopacity enhancement of an experimental vinyl polysiloxane impression material.
Lots of disppensers will tell you it's our vinyl polysiloxane A+B Mega-Sil.
It uses MX two-platen machines from Krauss-Maffei; a brand-new 2970-ton IMPmore system from Battenfeld; resins from Bayer, GE, and Teijin of Japan; and its own polysiloxane wet-coating technology.
The planned occlusion was evaluated clinically and final impressions for maxillary right and left second molars and mandibular right and left first and second molars were made with vinyl polysiloxane material in stock trays.
Ameron won the award for its record as an innovator and leading supplier of polysiloxane (PSX) technology.
This is a vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) impression material that can be used in place of traditional alginate for preliminary impressions and study models.
According to an article in New Scientist, Ecopaint has a polysiloxane base embedded with spherical nanoparticles of titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate.
According to the publication, the Ecopaint, scheduled to go on sale in March, combines titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate nanoparticles with silicon-based polysiloxane, which allows NOx gases to pass through it and adhere to the titanium dioxide, which in turn absorbs UV radiation, helping convert the subsequent energy into neutralized nitric acid.
Functionalized alkoxylsilanes form a quasi-two-dimensional polysiloxane network that is stabilized by intermolecular [(-Si-O-Si-).
They contained a clear liquid and one was labelled dimethyl polysiloxane.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Aluminium hydroxide + Magnesium hydroxide+Activated Methyl polysiloxane / Diamethicon (Antacid ) Tablets Aluminium hydroxide + Magnesium hydroxide+Activated Methyl polysiloxane/ Diamethicon (Antacid J Liquid 170 ml
Traditional high-build technologies for the corrosion protection market include direct-to-metal epoxy and polyurethane, while technologies developed over the last decade based on polysiloxane and polyaspartic urethane are becoming used more frequently.
Surface characterization of some porous natural stones modified with a water-borne fluorinated polysiloxane agent under physical weathering conditions--I.