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any of a class of carbohydrates whose molecules contain chains of monosaccharide molecules

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Nanogels were prepared by creating electrostatic interactions and heating-induced complexations between LDL and polysaccharides.
Check whether quantity of the polysaccharide is displayed in the label
It takes unique microbes to produce the enzymes that will degrade plant polysaccharides, Gardner writes, and they are found everywhere in nature, including the soil of your backyard.
The capsular polysaccharides of pneumococci have been shown to be essential for their virulence [3].
However, more than 100 types of polysaccharides isolated from this medicinal mushroom till date, comprise the major source of its biological activity and are linked to possible therapeutic effects (Boh et al.
vera derived polysaccharides have potential to be used as immunotherapeutic agent(s) in chickens.
Polysaccharides from the roots of Cyathulae officinalis Kuan enhance cellular and humoral immune responses by upregulating DC maturation via TLR2 and TLR4 signaling pathways (Feng et al.
Okra mucilage is composed of acidic polysaccharides mixed with proteins.
Additionally, there is a great interesting to discovery the new useful microalgae polysaccharides.
Polysaccharides are various types of biopolymers that play crucial roles in biological events such as signal recognition, cell to cell communication and pathogenesis prevention.
The process of polysaccharides extraction from powder of the tobacco leaves by ultrasonic treatment was performed in an ultrasonic cell disintegrator (JY92-II, Ningbo Scientz Biotechnology Co.
The detergent is free of an external structurant selected from the group consisting of non-polymeric hydroxyl-containing materials, microfibrillated celluloses, polyacrylates, polysaccharides, polysaccharide derivatives and mixtures thereof.
Amlin Health, Las Vegas, NV, has launched zNoni Amazing Chewable Tablet, a dietary supplement that contains a USDA certified organic Noni 5:1 extract with 25% polysaccharides.
The bioactive compounds, mainly synthesized as a part of the defense mechanism of marine organisms, involve secondary metabolites such as terpenoids, alkaloids, peptides, steroids, polysaccharides, flavanoids, pigments and so on (6).