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a polymer of propylene used as a thermoplastic molding material


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Roberts PolyPro offers a wide selection of injection-molded and extruded bottle handles, bottle multipacks, and beverage carriers.
Available in PolyPro, HDPE, PVDF, ECTFE (Halar), PVC, or CPVC, these fully enclosed boxes offer protection against natural elements.
The black-ash, cherry, or beech cabinet contains a 3-way design comprising two vented, nominally 9" polypro woofers powered by a 350W amp featuring a little LF EQ with savvy infrasonic highpassing; a nominally 7" mid; and the 1" tweeter (both aluminum-manganese).
Offered this year only by Fox, Isolwool resists odor, is three times more abrasion-resistant than merino alone, dries 25% faster, and eliminates the smell of polypro.
A US district court ruled that CUNO's PolyPro XL and LifeAssure filters infringe two Pall patents covering its ULTIPLEAT line of filters.
According to these renovators, polypro hollow-braid rope is inexpensive and easy to form into loops to make the "chains.
District Court for the Eastern district of New York ruled that Cuno's PolyPro XL and LifeAssure filters infringe on two Pall patents.
That first night I sleep in my sweat pants, polypro top, and socks.
The group consists of Aero R-722, a low-smoke and low-heat release sheet product for the aerospace industry; CamAlloy, a TPO or ABS material intended for outdoor recreation markets; CastAlloy, a cast acrylic and thermoplastic composite targeted at the spa, bath, and shower, and display areas; Exstreem PolyPro, for fiberglass and metal replacement; and PackAlloy RP rollstock, comprising recycled materials.
Among Sun Chemical's other new products developed in 2000 were PolyPro inks for milk cartons, HydroTense 2000 corrugated flexo inks, RotoMax 2 gravure laminating ink, and SunSlip heatset silicon alternative for binder applications.
enlisted the aid of Roberts PolyPro, Charlotte, NC, in redesigning its Arm & Hammer carpet deodorizer package.
White cotton or polypro gloves also should be worn inside the hockey gloves to wick moisture away from the skin.
If you want to fish like a Kiwi, bring your boots and a pair of long polypro underwear and wet wade.
I like to think of that as a "Baetis day," the kind of day when the clouds scud in low and rain or snow blows parallel to the water and you blow on your hands and hunch down in your raingear and polypro for just a little creature comfort.