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Age and growth estimates for New Zealand hapuku, Polyprion oxygeneios.
Age and growth of southwestern Atlantic wreckfish Polyprion americanus.
Population structure of the wreckfish Polyprion americanus determined with microsatellite genetic markers.
Movements of a pelagic-phase wreckfish, Polyprion americanus (Schneider, 1801), as indicated by tag and recapture.
Wreckfish Polyprion americanus in the North Atlantic: fisheries, biology, and management of a widely distributed and long-lived fish.
Population structure in the pan-oceanic wreckfish, Polyprion americanus (Teleostei: Polyprionidae), as indicated by mtDNA variation.
macrostomum SpnGnt Speckled Hind Epinephelus drumniondhayi SpkHnd Tiger grouper Mycteroperca tigris TgrGpr Tilefish Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps Tilfsh Tomtate Haemulon aurolineatum Tomtat Vermilion snapper Rhomboplites aurorubens VrmSnp Warsaw grouper Epinephelus nigritus WrsGpr White grunt Haemulon plumieri WhtGnt Whitebone porgy Calamus leucosteus WtbPgy Wreckfish Polyprion arnericanus Wrkfsh Yellow jack Caranx bartholomaei YelJck Yellowedge grouper Epinephelus flauolimbatus YdgGpr Yellowfin grouper Mycteroperca venenosa YlfGpr Yellowmouth grouper Mycteroperca interstitalis YlmGpr Yellowtail snapper Ocyurus chrysurus YtlSnp
This species was part of the bycatch of the bottom longline fishery that has targeted the wreckfish Polyprion americanus since the 1970s (Haimovici et al.
A pesca dirigida ao cherne-poveiro Polyprion americanus Polyprionidae, Teleostei).
A pesca dirigida ao cherne-poveiro, Polyprion americanus (Polyprionidae, Teleostei) no sul do Brasil.