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any of several toxic antibiotics obtained from a particular soil bacterium

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coli strain showing resistance to the polymyxin drug colistin was isolated from an intensively-farmed pig in Shanghai during routine testing.
Last-line polymyxin drugs such as polymyxin B and colistin have been used for 60-70 years without developing a significant resistance.
Enterobacteriaceae suppression by three different oral doses of polymyxin E in human volunteers.
The extensive reuptake is regarded to be the mechanism of the nephrotoxicity of polymyxins.
territories, and Canada said they had treated at least one MDR-GNB infection resistant to all antimicrobials tested except polymyxins in the previous 12 months.
All use of polymyxins must be minimised as soon as possible and all unnecessary use stopped," said Laura Piddock, a professor of microbiology at Britain's Birmingham University who was asked to comment on the finding.
2 g IV daily for Sensitive to penicillins, 3 d, followed cephalosporins, by 1 g IV daily chloramphenicol, for 3 mo tetracyclines, macrolides; resistant to aminoglycosides, polymyxins Felitti 1970 C.
HELSINKI, July 1 /PRNewswire/ -- The emergence of multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria has necessitated the use of polymyxins as the agents of last resort despite their known nephrotoxicity.
With the emergence of multidrug-resistant (MDR) or pandrug-resistant (PDR) isolates, few drugs are now available to treat MDR or PDR Acinetobacter infections; polymyxins are the only therapeutic option in many cases (2).
Colomycin (colistimethate sodium) belongs to the group of antibiotics called the polymyxins.
The few therapeutic options for treating infections caused by organisms containing these [beta]-lactamases are aminoglycosides, glycylcyclines, polymyxins, or combinations (1).
Baird-Parker medium supplemented with acriflavine, polymyxins and sulphonamide for the selective isolation of Staphylococcus aureus from heavily contaminated materials.
These multidrug-resistant (MDR) strains are sometimes susceptible only to polymyxins (colistin and polymyxin B), a class of antimicrobial drugs that has not been in widespread use for several decades and is more toxic than most currently used antimicrobial drugs.