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an organism that can assume more than one adult form as in the castes of ants or termites

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In 722 (18%) patients, TLC was increased (> 11000 cells/cumm) and DLC showed increase in polymorphs (> 60%).
Calcium carbonate has three anhydrous polymorphs, which are, in order of increasing solubility, calcite (rhombohedra), aragonite (orthorhombic) and vaterite (hexagonal).
In all four polymorphs, titanium is coordinated octahedral by oxygen, but the position of octahedral differs between polymorphs.
The biopsy showed fibrovascular tissue densely infiltrated by lymphocyte s, histiocytes, plasma cells and polymorphs in a background of focal necrosis.
This new monoclinic poly morph is diffe rent fro m the previous ly reported tetragonal and triclinic polymorphs.
On 7th day sections showed mild inflammatory reaction with more polymorphs and mononuclear cells in the lamina propria and submucosa and hypertrophy of tunica advantitia in group I (Fig.
PCC pigments of calcite and aragonite crystalline polymorphs having rhombo-hedral, orthorhombic, and scalenohedral habits were selected for the study.
Cerebro spinal fluid (CSF) examination showed proteins of 158 mg/dl, sugar of 65 mg/dl, 70 cells/ hpf (20% polymorphs and 80% lymphocytes).
Phenotyping by isoelectric focusing can detect known and unknown polymorphs, but only in cases in which the amino acid substitution leads to a change in the protein's isoelectric point.
Key words: derivative lattice analysis; lattice-matching techniques; matrix strategy; polymorph characterization; pseudo-polymorphs; reduced cell strategy.
The engineering problem is that there are many different crystalline states of cocoa butter, which is reported to exist as five or six different polymorphs identified using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).
Explanation: For the purposes of this clause, salts, esters, ethers, polymorphs, metabolites, pure form, particle size, isomers, mixtures of isomers, complexes, combinations and other derivatives of known substance shall be considered to be the same substance, unless they differ significantly in properties with regard to efficacy.
A dozen of his gorgeously weird polymorphs rested on rectangular pedestals, their iridescently burnished skins at once testament to and denial of the labor-intensity of their making.
The proceedings from this 2007 workshop on industrial crystallization covers a wide range of subjects for chemical engineers and researchers such as the formation and stabilization of nanoparticles, polymorphs in pharmaceutical applications, kinetics of crystallization and particle and product design.