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a medical instrument that records several physiological processes simultaneously (e

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Police said the reports of MRI scans and polygraph tests were yet to be received.
TNS adds: Meanwhile, Two prime suspects involved in extracting and selling bone marrow of girls in Hafizabad have been shifted to Lahore, where they will undergo a polygraph test today.
Nadeem and Sajid, members of a gang involved in extracting spinal fluid, were shifted to Lahore Forensic Laboratory, where they will took a polygraph test, police officials informed media.
The judge asked what the legal value of the polygraph test was.
Further to the above, I would like it to be known that the polygraph test was not allowed to be presented as evidence in my defence.
com/tv/teen-mom-og-amber-portwood-shocked-matt-baier-polygraph-test-results failed the polygraph test.
Police had stated that Basit was unaware of purpose of visit of Waseem and Nawaz which the polygraph test disputes.
Abrams, 1989; Ansley, 1983; Honts & Quick, 1996; Raskin, Honts, & Kircher, 1997), while Lykken (1979) asserts that in real-life situations, the polygraph test has a slightly above chance level of accuracy (64% to 71%).
Eye detection is the quicker and cheaper method but does not allow for continuous interview-style questioning like a polygraph test.
Several members of the staff went to the National Bureau of Investigation offices on Monday and Tuesday to sign consent forms for the polygraph test.
After passing the polygraph test he said: "I can go to my grave saying I'm an innocent man.
Application for polygraph test on the three suspects is allowed, subject to National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and the Supreme Court guidelines," Metropolitan Magistrate Sunil Kumar Sharma said.
KUNDA MLA Raghuraj Pratap Singh alias Raja Bhaiyya's silence and high pulse rate during a recent polygraph test have bolstered the CBI's hope of discovering some solid evidence in the Nanhe Yadav murder case.
Mani was yesterday served notice by the Kerala police to appear for a polygraph test.
The Surgical Pavilion has filed its answer and denied that it asked Wessman to take a polygraph test.