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any of numerous synthetic resins

a complex ester used for making fibers or resins or plastics or as a plasticizer

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any of a large class of synthetic fabrics

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Wide range of manual and fully automatic meter/mix/dispense equipment for plural-component RTM and RIM nylon, PUR, epoxy and polyester.
New water-dispersible polyesters made with recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) have been used successfully as paper coatings for their barrier properties against water, vapor, and oil.
Millable polyurethane elastomers are a specialty type of synthetic rubber made by reacting a dihydroxy polyether or polyester with chain extender and diisocyanate.
The following describes the physical properties and processing characteristics of a new class of polyesters developed by Du Pont for improved sheet and cast film production.
The leading producers of thermoplastic polyesters for the US market are Eastman Chemical, Koch Industries, Celanese Corporation, DuPont (EI) de Nemours, amongst others.
Organic peroxide initiators for polyesters include ketone peroxides, peroxyesters and peroxyketals for SMC, BMC, and TMC; and USP-90PD peroxyketal, which offers enhanced efficiency.
The polyols are usually either a polyether or polyester.
Dabco NEM, NMM and NCM, morpholine-based catalysts, and Dabco B- 16 catalyst for polyester slabstock foam.
Polyester and urethane products are sold under the Aroplaz(R) and Urotuf(TM) names respectively.
Also yellow, oranges and reds for nylons and polyesters.
06 per pound on all unsaturated polyester resins sold in the United States and Canada.
Cab-O-Sil fumed silica processing aid, thixotrope, and viscosity-control agent in unsaturated polyesters, epoxies, silicone rubber, and PVC.
FINE-CLAD M-8762, M-8792 and M-8911 are the newest additions to Reichhold's line of specialty polyesters for powder coating applications.
The latter two products are reactive flame retardants used in urethanes and unsaturated polyesters.
Used in carpet, textile and ETP applications, CORTERRA Polymers have performance characteristics not currently available in present day materials such as nylon or polyesters.