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glue with epoxy

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The data in Figure 26 was compiled from DSC and thermogravimetric analysis of solvent cast films of a thermoplastic polyepoxide blended with ethyl 3-ethoxypropionate (EEP).
Cathodically electrodeposited films of the developed polyepoxide resins (MECNs) are self-curable without use of any external crosslinker.
The Epoxy / Polyepoxide Resins market is expected to witness a value of US$23.
The Sherwin-Williams Company has been granted a patent for a substrate coated with a multi-layer coating wherein the multi-layer coating is comprised of a zinc particle containing primer applied directly to the substrate; a second coating applied to the zinc particle containing primer layer, the second coating is comprised of a binder comprised of a polyepoxide and a polyamine; a micaceous pigment selected from the group consisting of mica and micaceous iron oxide and blends thereof; and at least one other pigment; wherein the micaceous pigment is present at a level of at least 4% PVC based on total volume solids of the second coating, and the total PVC of the second coating is at least 35%.
High IV resin: the following material was used for comparison with the above polyepoxide modified resins:
Epoxy / Polyepoxide resins market Europe stands as the fastest growing region with a CAGR of 12.