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a ghost that announces its presence with rapping and the creation of disorder

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Had Wolf treated these matters less flippantly, he might have enquired into the probable connections between poltergeist phenomena and emotional disturbance, and concluded that the Morike household was even less idyllic than its image.
Some physical and psychological aspects of a series of poltergeist phenomena.
which questions whether RSPK is an adequate explanation for all poltergeist phenomena and deals with agency in a survival context.
Rhine's reaction to the "Seaford Case," involving poltergeist phenomena, is characteristic: "The spectacle of seeing us make too much of cases that cannot be firmly identified as justifying scientific interest is not one we want to encourage and extend" (pp.
And far from being "highly informed," Anita Gregory had no experience of poltergeist phenomena, and her "misgivings", set out most fully in her PhD thesis, were considered so ill-informed that the thesis was withdrawn from the SPR Library.
Joop Houtkooper (2004) responded by saying that, just as poltergeist phenomena are not usually interpreted as being "intelligent behavior by an immaterial being.
The forms of PK were indeed diverse, covering both spontaneous and intentional PK as manifested in poltergeist phenomena, religious and spiritual PK, PK in sports, anomalous healing, PKMB (psychokinetic metal bending), and human-machine interaction.
On the other hand, he acknowledges psychokinesis as a likely explanation for poltergeist phenomena.