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Synonyms for Pollyanna

one who expects a favorable outcome or dwells on hopeful aspects


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stammered Nancy, vaguely wondering how Pollyanna could possibly have known her--and wanted her.
The three were off at last, with Pollyanna's trunk in behind, and Pollyanna herself snugly ensconced between Nancy and Timothy.
I hope 'tis--I love to ride," sighed Pollyanna, as the wheels began to turn.
I do, too," nodded Pollyanna, again with that choking little breath.
she vowed, as she turned and led Pollyanna up the broad steps.
Secretary of the Treasury, together with Michael Novak, a permanent fixture at the conservative American Enterprise Institute and supply-sider extraordinaire, mustered a capitalist rearguard action to make the bishops look like a bunch of socialist Pollyannas.