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My first thought was, the people we vote for to devise laws, decide how the country is run and represent us are politicans, not celebrities, and all the better for it.
There is excellent support from a new technogeek Q (Ben Whishaw) and a carefully calibrated performance from Ralph Fiennes as Mallory, the politican with an agenda.
Jim Kemmy; stonemason, trade unionist, politican, historian.
The politican also laid into Anfield boss Kenny Dalglish and branded him a "moron" and an "a***" over his handling the issue.
The politican and former Australian premier added that it was too fashionable in the international community to be simply pessimistic about Libya's future given all the challenges.
Thatcher is the last politican who can be easily de-politicized.
Patna, Nov 1 (ANI): Known politican and Lok Jan Shakti party chief Ram Vilas Paswan's son, Chirag Paswan, was seen promoting his upcoming film 'Miley Naa Miley Hum' along with co star Kangana Ranaut in Patna on Monday.
His academic background was sufficiently unusual for a politican that at one point the Times headlined an A1 report of his ascension, "Democrats Pick Ph.
socialist politican is not clearly saying that his ambition is to become the
Statesman and Politican of the Year: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan
As one very senior Labour politican put it to Mr B, "They can't resist can they, the cheeky ***s.
Other artefacts on show from SS Politican will include a wage book and deck log recording the stranding from the Harrison Line Archive.
Today we are looking at a very serious crisis in the majority and I think it will be very difficult to resolve it," Roberto Colaninno, an opposition politican, said.
The politican also spoke of old court buildings, saying some 'under-used and under-repaired' ones could face being taken out of action.