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the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature

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The report bases its rankings on the performance of countries with respect to "the level of crimes, suicide rates, the number of police forces, the number of detainees in the prisons, the prevalence of individual weapons, organized crime networks, political terrorism, the number of deaths as a result of internal conflicts, the level of political stability, military expenditure, relations with neighboring countries, and other relevant indicators.
The foreign minister said that, "Abbas complements Hamas in his political terrorism and storytelling against Israel.
The story follows Seymour "Swede" Levov, a former high school athlete who grows up to marry a former beauty queen and inherits his father's business, whose seemingly perfect life shatters when his daughter rebels by becoming a revolutionary and commits a deadly act of political terrorism during the Vietnam War.
LAHORE -- While demanding support from public for himself, JI chief Sirajul Haq has announced to wage a war against the ruling capitalists and feudal lords as they were victimizing masses with economic and political terrorism.
I am also worried that the political terrorism of today, which is more serious than the religious terrorism of the Al-Sabeen Square, (see our report about last year's tragic attack on Page 4) is getting more and more aggressive.
The NCA opposition members published Thursday, a statement, on the fringes of the plenary session in which they reiterate their attachment to "the need for the political and judiciary authorities to take all the required legal and security measures to face the phenomenon of violence and political terrorism, having led to the assassination of Chokri Belaid.
He added that the security forces should not be subject to political terrorism and the necessity to respect the dignity of the citizen".
The attacks at Norway's government headquarters and a youth summer camp would then not be considered acts of political terrorism, but the work of a blood-thirsty madman.
The index considers 23 various indicators including crime rates, massive unrest, military expenses, involvement into armed conflict and relations with neighbors, number of prisoners, political terrorism, number of terrorism attacks and others.
He further explained that the sectarian issue will also be influential and the issue of political terrorism would rise up from time to time while the political and social segregation will remain a factor in the political situation if the political problems are not solved between the Iraqi parties.
In contrast, communism's role as an ideological basis for political terrorism was just beginning, and would become much more significant in the 20th century.
It is a fear based on reality and one needs only to observe how distorted and misused the label has become as a form of manipulation and political terrorism, an agenda to silence and deny.
Hoffman is to be admired for his vast knowledge of political terrorism and because he remained an adviser to the military in Iraq when many other academics, disgusted by the Bush administration's invasion of the country, simply walked away or didn't answer the phone when contacted for help to begin with.
11, 2001, were not just acts of political terrorism, but part of a cultural war, a clash of civilizations.