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someone who is imprisoned because of their political views

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Inmates in both cases are subject to forced labor, harsh working conditions, and ill treatment by guards, terms served in a political prison camp represent an escalation of severity in punishment.
Shin Dong Hyuk, a North Korean born in a political prison camp who escaped after his mother and brother were publicly executed, told Reuters he had expected China to reject the report.
Subsequently, a coalition of some 40 international NGOs, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, and other NGOs from South Korea and Japan, joined with former North Korean prisoners to seek international recognition that the treatment of prisoners constitutes crimes against humanity, thus encouraging North Korean authorities to realize that it's in their interest to close the labor camps and political prisons.
Mapanje recalls his time in prison, where he struggled to maintain his sanity and some semblance of freedom amid the oppression and constriction of political prison life.
As we will see, political prisoner/writers might most clearly be distinguished from common criminals who become writers, not in the value or even comprehensiveness of their texts, but in the political prison writer's presumption of a testamentary value, and the self-consciousness of that value, in his/her writing.
He also stated that the politicians of the country have this opportunity to atone for their past mistakes and currently there was not even a single political prison in the country.
These same powers did not simply fly Aristide into exile (something he could have arranged perfectly well on his own); they incarcerated him in a de facto political prison and colluded in the murder of hundreds of his supporters.
You move the Guantanamo political prison lock, stock, barrel, water board and Koran to Point Roberts, Washington.
They are helped by a simple but effective set that cleverly mutates as the action moves from smoky tango clubs to the corridors of power via a political prison.
1) Barbara Harlow advocates refiguring "the site of political prison as a 'university' for the resistance" (5).
In the program for the musical about the political prison camp they survived, the show's creators describe public executions, forced labor and starvation diets.
See too the Peter and Paul fortress, originally the cradle of the city, later a political prison and since 1998 final resting place of the last emperors Nicholas and Alexandra, their daughters, doctor and servants.
This specialized political prison had 16 beds and cost over a million dollars to build.
The subject matter ranges from the horrors of a political prison camp to the comic tribulation of furtive lovers trapped in a minefield, from historical fable to the world of official bureaucracy, while dramatic treatments range from the conventional to the highly experimental, some using surreal techniques--disturbing one moment, hilarious the next.
The Freedom or Olympic Flame will be lit on Robben Island - the political prison of Nelson Mandela and many others.