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The last date for filing statement of accounts by Political Parties is today August 29.
Representing the petitioner -- NGO Association for Democratic Reforms -- noted lawyer Prashant Bhushan told the bench that he was forced to approach the apex court because the political parties were not complying with the June 2013 order of the Central Information Commission ( CIC) that had declared the parties public authorities under section 2 ( h) of the RTI Act, after they which they had to furnish whatever information sought by the public.
As it stands, the government bill provides for the replacement of the current Commissioner of the Political Parties' Register -- a function currently administered by the permanent secretary of the interior ministry -- by a Commissioner for Political Parties.
11 (SUNA) -The Epistemological Enlightenment Centre organized a forum on the future of political parties in Sudan, in collaboration with a number of intellectuals, representatives of the political parties and lecturers and students of the political science at universities.
On the other hand, the new normative system does not prohibit the Communist parties in general, the decree-law regarding the establishment of the political parties prohibiting in principle only the Fascist parties.
Political parties in Bulgaria have increased their subsidies 10 times in the past ten years, according to calculations of the Finance Ministry.
The Ministry of Justice of Kyrgyzstan published online the amendments and additions to the law on political parties and other regulations prohibiting financing of activities of political parties by certain categories of legal entities and individuals for public discussion.
This study, therefore fill the lacunae by examining CSOs' attempt to influence political parties to promote, at least, electoral democracy in Ghana.
ISLAMABAD -- The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has asked all the political parties to submit statement of their accounts till August 29.
But the punishment for infringing rules in the financing of political parties still remains.
ISLAMABAD -- The Political Parties Joint Committee on FATA Reforms recommended that local bodies elections must be held in FATA like in rest of the country.
No legal irregularities in the funding of the political parties were detected in the last elections, Gjorgji Slamkov, President of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, said Wednesday at the press conference dedicated to good practices and challenges in funding political parties and election campaigns in view of the announced modifications to the election legislation, Dnevnik reports.
Keep in mind that many political parties emphasise that they work towards the aforementioned 'bread, freedom, and social justice.
Political parties will soon be subsidized by the government under the proposed Party Development Fund in a bid to reform the country's political party system.
New Delhi, Sep 5 ( ANI ): Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath on Thursday said all pieces of important information relating to political parties are available under the Representation of People's Act and their financial statements under Income Tax Act.