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the right to hold unpopular ideas

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The problem about patterns of voting is that our elections to Westminster are decided by First Past The Post (FPTP) where the winner takes all resulting in a House of Commons that fails to represent British political opinion.
He will be remembered for his capacity to respectfully bring together diverse political opinion and ideas.
ESPN shouldn't be in the business of deciding what political opinions are appropriate and inappropriate, but when they fired Curt Schilling entirely for his political opinions nearly a year and a half ago they put themselves in the business of analyzing employee speech and determining what was permissible and what was impermissible," he argued.
I do have political opinions but when they appear in print I don't like people thinking that I think my opinion is worth listening to" Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe "The problem is that in a democracy it's not the members of the party who elect the Government, it's the voters and I don't remember a time where the Labour Party membership and its views had become so disconnected from where the marginal seat, the swing voter, the centre left voter is.
The other has lots of training and information about concealed carry, but I really get tired of being forced to read writers' half-baked political opinions before I can get the information the articles were supposed to be about.
The second letter was from Mr Timothy Mayer concerning Westwood Heath Ward and he 'encourages people of all political opinions to attend' the public consultation.
This mature novel for young adults explores growing up and developing political opinions, even while bringing the decade of boom boxes and big hair to life.
Writing in a conversational tone accessible to advanced undergraduate students and educated general readers, authors Weeden and Kurzban, both affiliated with the Pennsylvania Laboratory for Experimental Evolutionary Psychology (PLEEP), employ concepts from psychology to explain how we justify our own political opinions and how we judge othersAE political opinions.
The show was an explosive one, with Mai firing plenty of accusations at fellow celebs and discussing her political opinions.
Or have we formed our own independent political opinions concerning national education and schooling, inflation, corporate regulations, land ownership, housing, religious practices, abortion, tax and many other socio-economic issues.
WITH A definitive election looming large over 2014, there was no doubt that the minds gathered at the Jaipur Literature Festival would express their political opinions -- they just couldn't come to any sort of consensus.
The [TSK], carefully detaching itself from any political opinions and formations, serves the Turkish nation with the utmost loyalty.
Ah well, what are political opinions for if not dropping them and hoping no one will notice.
Political opinions they can get from the opinion-saturated media, Jewish and otherwise.
We have suffered from assassination crimes as a result of divergence in political opinions.