freedom of thought

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the right to hold unpopular ideas

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As for her own political opinions, Mai said that she's a supporter of the extremist Lebanese group Hezbollah.
Going by the melange of political opinions that were heard on Day 1 of the festival, it is probably only a matter of time before the elite speakers lock horns over what the future holds for India.
Ah well, what are political opinions for if not dropping them and hoping no one will notice.
Political opinions they can get from the opinion-saturated media, Jewish and otherwise.
We have suffered from assassination crimes as a result of divergence in political opinions.
The First Ladies avoided offering political opinions, but Barbara Bush did issue a stern warning to both Republicans and Democrats.
These are merely political opinions and have not been handed down to them on tablets of stone from Mount Sinai.
Byrne, from Crumlin in West Dublin, said he relished the part which has given him the opportunity to air his own political opinions.
However, authorities must make sure no one gets punished for expressing their political opinions, said Al Mahmood.
The government of Bahrain supports the freedom of its citizens to express their political opinions and acknowledges that opinions from many different individuals and groups can play a positive role in the national reconciliation process.
Six Political Illusions: A Primer on Government for Idealists Fed Up with History Repeating Itself" are the political opinions of James L.
Bagis told reporters in the beginning of the meeting that his government saw problems of people with different religions, ethnic origins, and political opinions, as its own.
Despite the political opinions, it is high time these soldiers were withdrawn from these trouble spots and we spent the billions of pounds which could be saved and spent on worthwhile projects.
Newman later said he would not deny the sacrament to anyone "based on political opinions or choices.
Bob's comments on the reward plan, his political opinions, and descriptions of his rich fantasy life offer an insider's perspective on what it's like to live with AS.