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His tragedy is that a film-maker who showed a genius for capturing something close to unvarnished reality in his early documentary films ended as the creator of crude and propagandistic political documentaries in which he defended the peaceful and democratic policies of the Brezhnev regime against 'the destruction of moral norms and the moral degradation of contemporary capitalist society' (p.
Political documentaries are popular now as never before yet behind this popularity has been a wealth of effort to bring them to public attention: an effort documented in SHOOTING THE TRUTH: THE RISE OF AMERICAN POLITICAL DOCUMENTARIES.
Moving onto the more overtly political documentaries such as Fenton Bailey's and Randy Barbato's Inside Deep Throat, about the making of the infamous 1970s porn flick, and Marion Lipschutz's and Rose Rosenblatt's The Education of Shelby Knox, about a Texas teen who lobbies for sex education, are entertaining explorations of the culture wars being fought in the U.
Control Room: In the flood of political documentaries, this was the only one that encouraged us to question messages from all sides, including whichever side we like to believe.
The current crop of political documentaries has been fascinating.
In an effort to get out the vote, I created the Take Back Democracy Film Festival early this year, which is composed of more than 12 well-made political documentaries that have not gotten theatrical distribution or television airing.
The impact of the media concept of 'compassion fatigue', and fear of difficult subjects being an 'audience turn-off', now mean that broadcasters are reluctant to invest in political documentaries.
It's shot in colour, so it holds its immediacy; and it unfortunately points ahead to much of what is mistaken for critical political documentaries today.
But if the approach pioneered by Citizens United prevails, political activists from both sides of the partisan divide will be able to demand federal regulation of such political documentaries as "electioneering.
A group of her political documentaries featured prominently and the veteran 'witness' to Latin American and African affairs appeared in good form at a number of panel discussions following their screening.
Thus, the video selection in the multimedia space offers popular Hollywood films alongside political documentaries.
Proctor's early work included the political documentaries Forward to the People's Republic, The Sun Also Rises and Sharpeville Spirit.
This is how all tapes are distributed, except social and political documentaries, because few manufacturers have enough faith in the marketability of these documentaries to back them with money.
It is clear, for instance, that political documentaries such as Lighting the Seventh Fire and Kahnesatake locate their telling of history in concerns for intergenerational continuity, ties to the land and tribal identities that form the themes of those less politically oriented indigenous documentaries discussed earlier.
Stornoway Enterprises continues its tradition of social and political documentaries with Out of the Shadows, an inside look at Eduard Shevardnadze; and The Hunt for Red Mercury which explores the underworld alliance between organized crime, the KGB and the new Russian business class.
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