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the body of voters who elect a representative for their area

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The launch of AuDiO means that Clear Channel is now uniquely able to match broadcast listener data -- for any of its 840 stations, at any time of day and in any political district nationwide -- to multiple third-party data sources to identify which listeners fall into any given political district and, within that district's listening audience, which segments are present and in what numbers.
WANA, October 27, 2009 (Frontier Star): The political district administration of South Waziristan has announced concrete strategy for continuation of educational facilities to children of affectees of operation Rah-e- Nijat as well to ensure health facilities to affectees.
Disappointingly, it didn't reside beneath a little localised fake snowstorm contained within a glass dome, but it was otherwise fascinating - "a gorgeous house in the political district," reports Grainne.
Schwarzenegger has instead shifted his attention to new state ballot initiatives that would change the way political district boundaries are drawn, restrain state spending, change state workers' pensions and create merit pay for teachers.
The core of the design project, which covers Taipei's main political district, is the space in front of the Presidential Office, a five-story English-style red brick complex completed in 1919 when Taiwan was under Japanese colonial rule.
At issue is whether both the adjusted and unadjusted figures will be available for use in redrawing political district lines and distributing more than $185 billion in federal funds.
The core of the design project, which covers Taiwan's main political district, is the space in front of the Japanese colonial-era Presidential Office.
The service provider will have to carry out on behalf of the urban community Roissy Pays de France a mission to propose the establishment of a Bus of the Initiative able to carry out actions of sensitization in the field of the creation of activities , employment and training, among the population, especially those from the Political District of the City (QPV) and areas not well served by these services.
The raw numbers for election results by political district are available online from the Texas Legislative Council; the computations were done by the author.
Built in 1929 and surrounded by a perfectly tended Japanese garden, the house is located in the heart of Nagatacho, the capital's political district, and has witnessed murders and coup attempts in the past.
Attention at Tokyo's Nagatacho political district is now focusing on what move the sidelined powerbroker will make -- whether he will stake his political career in the DPJ presidential election scheduled for September or resort to strong-arm tactics to establish a new coalition government in an attempt to resolve the twisted political makeup in the upper chamber of the Diet.
Voter Information Express: maps showing the location of each polling location and each precinct's boundaries, the boundaries of all political districts, cross-references of any county address to all political districts, and data files of currently elected officials serving in each political district.
Kintera CRM can then build profiles of the interests and activities of CSU constituents, including political district, issue preferences, action alert responsiveness, giving histories and event participation.
Gerrymandering is the process by which a congressional or other political district is redrawn to provide electoral advantage to one group or another.
Since the press conference, Kan has stayed at a hotel in the Nagatacho political district.
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