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the discontinuation of a franchise

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Meanwhile, on April 23, Egypt's Parliament enacted the Political Disenfranchisement Law, which stipulated that individuals who served in top positions during the last ten years of Hosni Mubarak's rule would be ineligible to enter the presidential race or run for public office for the next five years.
Horowitz successfully challenges this judgment in an intellectual history of an ideologically inclusive philanthropic agenda that attempted to carve out a viable space in the public sphere for Russia's Jews while protecting communal identity from the threats of political disenfranchisement, cultural marginalization, and the siren song of diaspora nationalism.
Yet it comes at the cost of social standing, economic opportunity, public harassment, boycott, political disenfranchisement and a less comfortable way of life,.
Perhaps it meant more to the men in the Shia community, who keenly felt their political disenfranchisement, whereas Khadjie and Zainab had little opportunity to play a role in this arena.
The collateral consequences of imprisonment include significant reentry barriers for inmates, including public housing and welfare benefit ineligibility; political disenfranchisement, including bans on jury duty and voting; and effects on the labor force, such as bars from certain occupations.
Here, the authors discuss the Coordinadora in terms of privatization, union disintegration and political disenfranchisement.
Just 40 years ago when nearly 70 percent of Blacks lived in poverty and there were less than 1,000 Black elected officials, strong Black men led a Civil Rights Movement that changed government policies which had permitted Black economic exclusion and political disenfranchisement.
Since the country's moral values jihadis are intent on denying marriage to any family but the one woman-one man variety, Cheney knows that he and his boss will play a profound role in the political disenfranchisement and social stigmatization of his own grandchild.
Yet, embedded within Williams's discussion of freedom is a sense that the fear of death promoted by those in power is not only often self-servingly constructed or at least magnified by them, but that it also speaks to a widespread feeling of political disenfranchisement that bolsters a fantasy of collective innocence.
This past March the Center for Constitutional Rights called the boycott a "focal point of national attention in part because the fight against police brutality and misconduct, economic apartheid and political disenfranchisement in Cincinnati is one of the most important racial justice struggles in the country.
To an extent such sentiments ring true, but a volatile combination of socio-economic and political disenfranchisement is also to blame for keeping tempers running high.
While Morris notes that the country had wearied of Reconstruction before the election, Hayes's triumph--due in some part to the willingness of Southern Democrats to accept it in return for a lighter federal hand--led "to the infamous Jim Crow laws that officially sanctioned the social, and political disenfranchisement of millions of Southern blacks: Whether a reform-minded Tilden, taking office without the cloud of fraud that hung over Hayes, could or would have changed this bleak history is one of those tantalizing "what-ifs.
By ignoring some of the broader contexts of British psychiatry in India, Ernst never addresses the crucial political developments where the gendering of authority became paramount, and where psychiatry might have offered significant contributions to a project of political disenfranchisement.