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a leader in a political party who controls votes and dictates appointments

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It appears Bhatt is acting under influence of political bosses in Delhi," he said.
The Melendez-Quinonez period saw the creation of the Partido Nacional Democratico (PND or National Democratic Party), a national organization that undermined the autonomy of local political bosses and confronted rival political leaders such as Tomas Palomo in 1918 and Miguel Molina in 1922.
This took the selection of delegates to the national conventions away from political bosses and gave it to the rank and file members of the two political parties.
A DAY after a BJP MP demanded Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung's removal, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal surprisingly came out in defence of him, saying Jung was just following directives of the PMO and that he is a good man with bad political bosses.
At the last day we thought we would inform the political bosses or shall I say the boss but he said no, we are not Pakistan, we are India," he had said.
The corporate bodies are here for making deals with political bosses and in turn political bosses are there to oblige them.
Well, this is exactly what I am asking, where are the political bosses, those who ask each other in parliament or in assemblies, ask for resignation?
Chiefs are at the beck and call of their political bosses, mayors and city councils.
They are required to perform duties as required by them as civil servants in accordance with the law and following the code of conduct and not be influenced by the illegal or unlawful orders of the political bosses, he said.
MIDDLESBROUGH Council''s electoral arrangements are currently being reviewed by the Local Government Boundary Commission and efforts are being made by the council''s political bosses to seek to defend having the maximum number of local councillors.
But, some enthusiastic wild-lifers from Wildlife Trust of India and Wildlife Institute of India convinced the forest department officials, who were under pressure from their political bosses that the animal should be given a chance to live.
Yet its political bosses think it's right to spend a small fortune building sanctuaries for the tens of thousands of mutts that roam the cities.
There are real fears that in the near future generals will tell their political bosses that they simply cannot fulfil the missions they have been given.
Earlier Vusi Pikoli, the former chief prosecutor, lost his job for failing to inform his political bosses before taking the sensitive step of charging Selebi.
Therefore, they claim, pressure on the HEC chairman is mounting, forcing him to comply with the instructions of the political bosses or resign from office.