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the chief executive and political committee of the Communist Party

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Kolkata: As if borrowing vocabulary from West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee, who termed the Congress party-Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM) alliance a "blunder", the politbureau - the highest decision-making body of the CPM - has termed the alliance a "tactical blunder".
But, a symbol of the enhanced focus on corruption came at the end of 2013 when it was disclosed that investigations are being pursued in China of a former top Politbureau member for alleged corruption--no official of such a rank has been investigated like this in 60 years in China.
The terrorists groups of Al-Nusra Front and Ibn Timieh and Al-Sahaba Battalion have withdrawn from Al-Salasin Street which was their last bastion in Yarmouk camp," PFLP-GC's Politbureau Chief Hessam Arafat said.
4%) in the Politbureau (the top leadership group in China) and women members comprised only 21.
He said this amount would be extended to all Maoists - be they members of state, regional, central committees, or politbureau members, who surrender.
Just like EDF, 85 per cent owned by the French Government and the China largely result, place But, million watch a we fancy National Nuclear Corporation, wholly under the politbureau control, the pair of companies that are going to build us this spanking new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point.
The fact the politbureau were at Barnsley should have been a clue - hindsight though I suspect some had a clue.
It has called upon the European Commission (aka EC, the unelected politbureau that runs the European Union; EU) to deliver the position paper, "The Right to E-read--An E-book Policy for Libraries in Europe.
According to his account, in late 1982, Coard resigned from the NJM's Central Committee and Politbureau but retained his state positions as Deputy PM and Minister of Finance and Planning.
During his term, police files dating from the period before 1944 (when the Communist party took power in Bulgaria), the protocols of the decisions of Politbureau of the Bulgarian Communist Party from 1944 until the fall of the Communist regime in 1989, and lists of those who perished in the Balkan Wars, among others, were published online for the very first time.
After the eventual demise of communism, Alexander Yakovlev, a sometime member of the politbureau, devoted the rest of his life to documenting its crimes.
and the achievements of the people", Ameur Larayedh, who heads the party's politbureau, told a news conference in Tunis.
Salah Dalo, head of the KDP's politbureau office in Kirkuk, argues that Kurds made a large loss in 2010 elections both in the number of votes and seats, as well as psychologically and administratively.
The arrival in Cairo yesterday of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon signalled the peaking of a series of elaborate consultations that have been under way between the Egyptian administration and the regional and international parties concerned - a process that involved an exchange of views over phone with US President Obama and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and French President Hollande, and direct meetings here in Cairo between President Morsi and the Emir of Qatar, Turkish leader Erdogan and both Hamas politbureau chief Khaled Mashaal and Palestinian Jihad movement leader Ramadan Shallah.
Bo Xilai, Chongqing's recently suspended Politbureau member, attempted to go beyond these norms and instead tried to establish his own political platform based on popular support.