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a car in which policemen cruise the streets

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Read more: 14 things you didn't know were inside a Dubai Police patrol car How to find out if your UAE visa is genuine?
The Abu Dhabi Police urged drivers to follow the indicated speed limits on the highway, and to always be on alert for police patrol cars on the highway.
Muscat: A senior citizen has died after he was knocked down by a police patrol car earlier today.
Moat blinded PC David Rathband and left him for dead in his police patrol car after shooting him twice.
Several minutes before the crash, a police patrol car had told the passenger car to stop as it was moving along a road about 1 kilometer from the accident site.
A police patrol car was damaged during the incident.
In addition, a police patrol car with a camera will monitor drivers illegally using the bus-designated lanes on the aTsarigradsko Shossea boulevard, which is the main capital thoroughfare.
Steve Dub in Carmarthen PC David Rathband said he knew he was bleeding to death when he was blasted in the face as he sat unarmed in his Northumbria Police patrol car last month.
passing of a police patrol car in the center of a market area in Wadi Hajar,
Another said: Full story "Well accelerator happy" and a third: "Dusted the bizzies," meaning he had outsped a police patrol car.
Officers from the motorway unit chased the driver off the M62 and a police patrol car forced the vehicle on to a verge as he doubled back round Ainley Top roundabout.
Gerard Cavanagh, 31, was found by a passing police patrol car outside La Luna in Fleetwood, Lancs.
An improvised explosive device (IED) planted in downtown Souk al-Shoyoukh district (30 km south of Nassiriya city) blew up while a police patrol car was passing by, causing no casualties or damage," Colonel Sadiq al-Mashrafawi told Aswat al-Iraq- Voices of Iraq- (VOI).
They were caught after a police patrol car found them in a vehicle together parked in the desert.
The students were dropped in the city's Marsh Barton Trading estate and found by a police patrol car at 6.
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