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genus of perennial tuberous herbs having lily-like flowers

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No caso das moedas de Polianthes, esta reutilizacao desordenada dos cunhos em um mesmo momento provavelmente reflete uma situacao de emergencia, como uma guerra, por exemplo, em que se exigia uma producao macica de moedas em um periodo muito breve (27).
pugae, Stenocactus ochoterenianus, Polianthes multicolor y Portulaca guanajuatensis; esta ultima es endemica de San Jose Iturbide (Ocampo, 2002).
POLIANTHES Tuberosa has dreamy, watery cucumber, green mandarins and Italian bergamot surrounded by dominating heart of hypnotic tuberose, washed with a gentle note of tree moss, clary sage and vetiver grass and finally sealed with a rich note of amber gris.
Scyphophorus acupunctatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) attacking Polianthes tuberosa (Liliales: Agavaceae) in Morelos, Mexico.
5 cm) there is a high frequency (77%) for grazing grasses (Cenchrus ciliaris, Setaria macrostachya and Panicum hallii) and herbs (Ruelia corzoi, Polianthes maculosa, Coldenio greggii, Physalis cordata) as well as fallen fruits of Cordia boissieri, Acacia farnesiana, Celtis pallid and Diospyros texana.
Linneaus en 1753 dio a conocer el genero Polianthes y su tipo es P.
Studies of Amarjeet and Godara (1995) and Mohamed (1994) on the effect of growing media and fertilizer on growth characteristics of Polianthes tuberosa L.
THE Hawaiian Garland flower "The Pearl" is one of the best and easiest to look after varieties of Polianthes Tuberosa.
Related Family Members in Book: Cordyline, Dracaena, Polianthes, and Phormium
Rawalpindi region features a humid sub tropical climate with maximum temperature of 1260F and minimum of 250F with annual average rainfall of 990 mm and consider good for cultivation of Polianthes tuberosa.
Related Family Members in Book: Dracaena, Phormium, Polianthes, and Yucca
Sin embargo, los generos con mas de 90% de especies endemicas son Hymenocallis, Hechtia, Polianthes, Deiregyne, Schoenocaulon y Milla (Cuadro 4).
The study was aimed to assess the effect of Trichoderma harzianum Bi on qualitative and quantitative traits of polianthes, including stem length and diameter, inflorescence floret number and leaf length of the main and lateral bulbs; an experiment with completely randomized design having four treatments and seven replications was completed in greenhouse conditions.
Related Family Members in Book: Dracaena, Polianthes, and Yucca
Agave 128 (169)/113 (139); Beschorneria 8 (9)/6 (7); Furcraea 13/9; Hesperaloe 7 (8)/6; Hesperoyucca 1(3)/1 (2); Manfreda 31/25; Polianthes 17 (20)/16 (19); Prochnyanthes 1/1; Yucca 33 (34)/16