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low-lying land that has been reclaimed and is protected by dikes (especially in the Netherlands)

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Contract award: unsteady groundwater modeling with simulation runs for flood polder eltheim and wE[micro]rthhof.
For the next four years, Belgian sappers-pontoneers conducted classic brown-water warfare, keeping the polder flooded by maintaining the six "goose-foot" gates on the Yser Channel at Nieuwpoort.
The Flood, the theme of Rotterdam's second architecture Biennale, thus had a clear local and global agenda, from the meticulous mapping of polders, to the wider and more corrosive effects of global tourism on coastlines around the world, given hideous momentum by last year's tsunami in the Indian Ocean.
Then there's the problem of scale: All the objects incorporated into the Polders are exactly half their normal size.
Because of this, farmers have placed a special emphasis on protecting birds and nesting sites across the polders, where farm machinery and monoculture planting often destroys them.
Regulations asked for a 400-metre building, to be situated in the polders in the Netherlands.
Prior Information Notice: Flood polders ried ensheim - soil investigation impoundment dam.
Almere is a new settlement in the polders east of Amsterdam.
Contract notice: Basic evaluation and preparation of the documents for the regional planning procedure for the flood polders wE[micro]rthhof lph.
The planning of the work phases 1-7 are to be created for the flood polders WE[micro]rthhof.
Contract notice: Life project alde feanen: measure c1 restoration of water reed in former polders.
The first plans for improving the water quality of the DE-mmer with a reed polders were made in the 80s.
Dike adaptation / dike exercise on flood polders to 270 m in length some with sheet piling.
The subject of the public contract is both machine and hand mowing along watercourses, banks of water reservoirs, dry polders, in rare cases, clearing seeding trees, in some areas is part of the maintenance raking and disposal of cut grass.
Furthermore, there is a need to restore nesting habitats of migratory bird species listed in Annex I and II of the Birds Directive; in particular, the polders around Lake Gardno require annual mowing and the elimination of predatory American mink.