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Synonyms for polarize

cause to vibrate in a definite pattern

cause to concentrate about two conflicting or contrasting positions

become polarized in a conflict or contrasting situation


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The team determined that mantis shrimp display circular polarised patterns on the body, particularly on the legs, head and heavily armoured tail; these are the regions most visible when when they curl up during conflict.
6 Polarised option perfectly complements our comprehensive range of sun lenses, just in time for the summer.
You go on to argue that by focusing on the core vote "we risk slipping towards the polarised politics which damaged American democracy".
According to a report by BBC News, the scientists found that the structures make the beetle appear very intensely green under light that is polarised in one direction.
One of the fascinating nuggets to come out of our conversation this week with Sainsbury boss Justin King is his assertion that there will always be room for a mass-market retailer in our polarised grocery market.