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a Bantu language spoken in the Kenyan coastal areas of East Africa

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Thursday's attacks on the Pokomo village of Kibusu, which also left 19 homes burnt, follows a dawn attack on Wednesday by over 100 raiders on the Orma village of Nduru, in which nine people died.
En decembre, une attaque, dans la meme region, entre Orma - essentiellement des eleveurs - et Pokomo - majoritairement des agriculteurs - avait fait au moins 45 morts.
At least 110 people were killed in clashes between the Pokomo and Orma in August and September.
Fighting started after 200 Pokomo raided an Orma village and burnt down all the homes, villager Said Mgeni said.
73) But the danger of the Somali raiding the Galla (Boran) and the Pokomo seemed to have been manifest since 1909 just as administration was being established, and had compelled the administration to rush in a Company of the King's African Rifles to the region.
This is where the Pokomo people, a minority ethnic group of about 50,000 people, live.
As all these companies seek a piece of the Tana Delta, little is mentioned of local indigenous communities, such as the Orma, Pokomo, Wardei, Malakote, Munyoyaya, Boni and Watta among others, who are not factored in the land allocation plans.
Confirming the incident, Coast Provincial Police Officer Aggrey Adoli said that 19 houses were torched during the raid that is said to have been sparked by the orma community members on a pokomo village in the tana delta region.
Le nombre total de personnes tuees dans ces attaques est de 28", a declare a l'AFP Antony Kamitu, chef des forces speciales de la police deployees dans la zone depuis les tueries de l'ete entre tribus Orma et Pokomo.
The recent violence in the region has pitted the Pokomo, a farming community, against their Orma pastoralist neighbours.
Settled Pokomo farmers and semi-nomadic Orma pastoralists have clashed intermittently for years over access to grazing, farmland and water in the coastal region.
The latest disturbance -- in the Tana River district of the Coast Province -- was reportedly sparked by a conflict over cattle grazing rights and pitted the Orma people against their rivals, the Pokomo.
Kitur, dans le district rural de Tana River par des hommes Pokomo contre des villageois Orma, deux communautes rivales depuis des annees, est l'attaque a caractere ethnique la plus meurtriere au Kenya depuis les violences post-electorales de fin 2007 et debut 2008.
Three men, three women and five children were killed in the attack in what was known to be a retaliatory attack against the Pokomo community by the Orma community stated the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.