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plaything consisting of a pole with foot rests and a strong spring

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Pogostick jumping fastest mile in 12min 16secs July 01
And a ten-part BBC3 animated series, Popetown, which depicts the Pope bouncing around the Vatican on a pogostick, has attracted com-plaints from more than 150 churches across the Birmingham Diocese.
In the time-honoured tradition of satire, it takes liberties - the Pope's voice is that of Ruby Wax, co-stars include model Jerry Hall as a fame-obsessed nun and the 82-year-old Pontiff - whose infantile whims have to be pandered to - bounces around the Vatican on a pogostick.
There was so much bounce in his stride it was like he had tiny pogosticks attached to each paw.
CELEBRITIES JOIN RUNNERS MORE than 165,000 people - some on spacehoppers and pogosticks and others on hands and knees - completed the Sport Relief mile run today, organisers said.
1960s - Fuzzyfelt and Pogosticks topped the sales charts.