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Postmodern critique of the "great divide"--the postmodern self-conscious play with pop culture--has had little impact on "the WP label" according to Bryant: "Despite postmodernism's project of calling such hierarchies into question--and the resulting revaluation of women artists and popular culture--responses to women's poetry anthologies can still become mired in the old morass of mass" (179).
Poetry anthologies may function in various ways: as canons of or merely starters for universal or national or regional poetry; as a corrective for a neglected or underrepresented group; as poetry with a particular issue such as religion or politics or ethnic topics; as a periodic replacement for an out-of-date anthology; and so on.
The first two sections examine the standards of selection for poets represented in recent notable poetry anthologies and show how alternative canon formation can occur through the process of creating anthologies.
In useful appendices, the author includes much helpful information such as descriptions of the Giolito poetry anthologies (underscoring female writers) from 1545 to 1560.
The influence of these four women as patrons to the intellectuals in the salon circle was felt throughout the Italian peninsula, having a direct bearing on the eventual publication of poetry anthologies in midcentury.
Lucy has written three novels including Children of Light and Selfish People as well as contributing to poetry anthologies.
If my essay had had the same corrective agenda as most of the early women's poetry anthologies, the numbers would matter to it as well.
However, the complete three-volume series will consist of 464 poems and is not only the most comprehensive of the audio poetry anthologies on the market today, it is also beautifully balanced, showcasing, along with the poets typically represented in such anthologies, the important contribution of many modern American female and African American poets all too frequently omitted.
Rita Joe, known as the poet laureate of the Mi'kmaq nation, published five poetry anthologies and an autobiography called The Song of Rita Joe.
He's been published in poetry anthologies and nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature.
He has edited poetry anthologies and been a playwright, a literary journalist and a writer on medical affairs.
According to the Poetry Book Society, we still tend to go for the classics when we buy poetry anthologies.
But within their bland prefaces modern poetry anthologies also record a struggle about an emergent entity and the conditions under which that entity--which became known as modernism--might be known, represented, and archived.
The adult skills development students submitted their poems to Dogma Publications last November and have just heard that they will be included in two separate poetry anthologies.
Poetry anthologies should emphasize the elements in poetry that make it aesthetically relevant and disregard unpoetic postmodern political and social agendas.