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Read alongside mainstream poetry anthologies, multicultural poetry anthologies such as Unsettling America: An Anthology of Contemporary Multicultural Poetry (1994) give evidence that in the imagination of ethnic poets, American poetry reinvents itself with regard to its diversity and definition.
When women's "innovative" poetry anthologies moved from an anti-discriminatory agenda to an aesthetic one, I argued in my earlier essay, the continued insistence on the importance of the poems as women's poems transformed the contingent relation between the sex of the authors and the forms of their poems into a necessary one.
2) The twentieth century, by contrast, sees a movement in poetry anthologies away from gems and towards ideology and chronology.
Forming a companion to Columbia Granger's index to poetry in collected and selected works, this reference provides citations to 85,000 poems to be found in current poetry anthologies (with few exceptions, published since 1990) indexed as follows: by title, first line, and last line; by author; and by subject.
The group meets there for workshops and readings, gaining widespread acclaim and publishing poetry anthologies.
FOR THE TWO DECADES that Elizabeth Bishop made her home in Brazil, she not only became intimate friends with several Brazilian poets as she translated many of their works; she also went on to organize one of two Brazilian poetry anthologies for the English-speaking world: An Anthology of Twentieth-Century Brazilian Poetry, coedited with Emmanuel Brasil and published in 1972.
He has also produced spoken-word recordings for Motown, and his publications include numerous fiction, drama, and poetry anthologies.
Thus when Gascoigne's Hundred Sundrie Flowers of 1573, not an emblem book but an anthology of sententious verse, was reprinted in 1575 as The Posies, the change in title makes clearer the link between English emblems and the early poetry anthologies that would greatly influence later Elizabeth verse.
Such intimations of shared concerns, often verging on the metaphorical, are rare in poetry anthologies, which more often limit themselves to irrefutable correspondences in geography or cultural identity.
It is the third in a series of poetry anthologies published in Northumberland by Bloodaxe Books and including the work of hundreds of the world's best poets, living and dead.
MICHAEL JOHNSON's work has appeared in The Fiddlehead, Weber Studies, The Pedestal Magazine, and The Best American Poetry and The Best Canadian Poetry anthologies for 2009.
With six poetry anthologies to his credit, Eamon Grennan again proves that he is a master of his craft in "Matter of Fact".
Each entry provides a brief guide to further reading and, at the end of the final volume, a non- annotated bibliography guides the reader towards other works, including poetry anthologies, anthologies of essays by poets on poetry, critical studies, reference works, and websites.
They met there for workshops and readings, gaining widespread acclaim and publishing poetry anthologies.
She has since had some of her work published in poetry anthologies and has been approached by the International Poetry Library, which is to put together a selection to mark the millennium.