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a Powhatan woman (the daughter of Powhatan) who befriended the English at Jamestown and is said to have saved Captain John Smith's life (1595-1617)

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Paula Gunn Allen, "Thus Spake Pocahantas," in Off the Reservation: Reflections on Boundary-Busting, Border-Crossing, Loose Canons (Boston: Beacon, 1998), 177.
The day before the acquisition was announced, TCBY named Multi-Unit Solutions, a division of Pocahantas Foods USA, as its new primary distribution.
Mondo's tally includes stories like Pocahantas and Quasimodo, religious tales involving King David and Jesus and the legends of the ancient Greek heroes Hercules and Ulysses.
Along the way they talk with various characters and discuss, among other things, the motivations for the English founding the Jamestown settlement, some of the hardships the settlers faced, the problematic relations they had with the Indians and the historical role of Pocahantas, a few of the economic factors that affected the settlement, the beginnings of slavery in the colon, and early manifestations of representational democratic government.
In a recent visit to Mexico, I found Power Rangers and Pocahantas were the current rage at fast food outlets, both unconnected to Mexican children's cultural histories.
The Pocahantas Perplex: The Image of Indian Women in American Culture," in Ellen Carol DuBois and Vicki L.
Custis's splendid melodrama of Pocahantas brought together a very large audience, the interest of which was increased by the introduction of John Ross and his "merrie men," who performed their real Indian war dance, exhibiting hate, triumph, revenge, etc.