Poa pratensis

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valuable meadow and pasture grass in Europe and especially central United States having tall stalks and slender bright green leaves

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fasdculatum Dichanthelium Poa compressa * oligosanthes Dichanthelium Poa pratensis * villosissimum Dipsacus fullonum * Poten tilla norvegica Elaeagnus Pycnanthemum umbellata * virginianum Eleocharis sp.
Generally, Lolium perenne have larger seed size than Poa pratensis that produced larger seedling.
The needle water extracts from dry biomass of Pinus eldarica showed an inhibitory effect on the seed germination and seedling growth of Lolium perenne and Poa pratensis.
We also observed that an area of the TU Arboretum planted with Poa pratensis shortly after fallowing has had low rates of perennial and woody invasion after 27 years.
Three exotic species were found, all in very low numbers with Poa pratensis being the most common (I.
Here I report on the effect of successional stage on the number of seeds, the total mass of seeds, and the mean individual seed mass produced by individuals of the introduced grass Poa pratensis at Cedar Creek Natural History Area in Minnesota.
The nonnative plants with higher than 5% contribution to the average dissimilarity were Bromus inermis, Poa pratensis and Agrostis gigantea.
For example, in an intercontinental study with Poa pratensis, Reader et al.
Using an artificial community consisting of Trifolium repens and Poa pratensis as target species and Phleum pratense and Agrostis tenuis as background species, three types of plant-plant interactions were examined: invasions, competition for space, and neighborhood effects.
Control of plant frequency on an environmental gradient: effects of abiotic variables, neighbours, and predators on Poa pratensis and Poa compressa (Gramineae).
Intensity of plant competition in relation to neighbor biomass: an intercontinental study with Poa pratensis.
Effects of temperature and photoperiod on growth and development of tillers and rhizomes in Poa pratensis L.