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a European river


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upgrade the Boicelli Canal to improve the link between Ferrara and the Po river through two siphons and by increasing the two underbridge clearances on the canal to allow navigation of class Va vessels
Keywords: Gianni Celati, ecocriticism, cultural geography, travel writing, landscape studies, Po River Valley, translation.
Belvedere's German artillery overlooked Highway 64, the only north-south route to the German-occupied Po River Valley, a vital industrial and agricultural region.
The coverage Jeffers provides of Truscott's campaigns from Morocco to the Po River is excellent.
The local fare he serves builds new bridges -- greens laced with extra virgin olive oil, trout from the nearby Po river and blackberries and raspberries with a gelato dollop on top.
ricinus ticks have never been reported in the flat areas of the Po River Valley in the Lombardy region, one of the most important industrial districts in Europe and an area of intensive agriculture and livestock breeding.
A spill that sent massive amounts of oil into northern Italy's Po River was a deliberate act of vandalism, officials say.
RICE comes in many forms, but one of the tastiest and most dramatic is black rice, a nutty medium grain variety grown in the Po river valleys of Piedmont in Italy.
Parmesan can only be produced in one of a strictly limited number of places in northern Italy (the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia and Modena, Bologna Province on the left bank of the Po River and Mantua Province on the right bank)
When he reached Italy's Po River Valley five months later, he could count fewer than 25,000 infantry, 6,000 cavalry, and less than two dozen elephants.
Mazzacurati returns to the same unidentifiable locale in northeastern Italy, located among the flatlands of the Po River Valley, where he set some of his earliest pics, including first feature "Italian Night.
Its production dates back more than a thousand years to the time when Cistercian monks reclaimed much of the swampy land in the fertile Po River valley, converting it to pastureland upon which to raise dairy cattle.
This setting readily finds a topographic correlative in the Italian Peninsula, specifically in the flatland that constitutes the watershed of the Po River.
The Mekong River is to the South China Sea as the Po River is to what?
According to one version, Helios's miscreant offspring wrecked the family vehicle by crashing into the Po River near Ferrara.