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a town in Massachusetts founded by Pilgrims in 1620

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4 proof (Distilled at the Black Friars Distillery in Plymouth, England, from a blend of seven botanicals.
Louei owns the three-star Astor Hotel in Plymouth, England, a small seaside resort town in the far southeast of England.
The bottle also honors the city of Plymouth, England as it has been distilled on the same site since 1793 at The Black Friar's Distiller - the oldest working distillery in England.
We were then directed to limp our way to the Royal Navy base at Plymouth, England.
London, Sept 10 (ANI): A couple from Plymouth, England has defied odds of 1 in 133,225 when their child was born on the same day as their birthdays.
at Plymstock School in Plymouth, England on 4 April 2006, when 1,547 children
Reid, of the Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science in Plymouth, England.
The implications are enormous," said Philip C Reid, of the Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science in Plymouth, England.
During a lecture, Guthrie will share her gardening experiences, her foray into creating gardens for famous garden shows, along with chronicling the plants transported on the Mayflower from Plymouth, England, to America including which plants were considered essential to take and how the plants battled to survive.
The entries begin at the port of Plymouth, England, on 2 June 1944, several days before D-Day, and end on 7 May 1945 with the announcement from Bradley of the unconditional surrender of all German forces in Europe.
The trip included visits to their Fleet logistics staff, defense logistics organization, and logistics schoolhouse at HMS RALEIGH near Plymouth, England.
Air Southwest of Plymouth, England, will add the SZ code to its flight numbers beginning May 31, allowing its flights to be available for sale in external systems.
The Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery in Plymouth, England is currently undertaking a large project involving the mineral collection once owned by the famous British collector, Sir John St.
August 4, 1914: Waiting in Plymouth, England, for the OK from the British government to begin an expedition to cross Antarctica on foot, Sir Ernest Shackleton receives a one-word telegram: Proceed.
Proceeding via Belfast, Northern Ireland, Leamington arrived at Plymouth, England, on 15 November.