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Synonyms for plus

the arithmetic operation of summing

on the positive side or higher end of a scale


involving advantage or good


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The PayPartners(TM) MasterCard Debit Card, which also works on Star, Allpoint, Maestro and Plus ATM networks, helps unbanked workers receive their paychecks via direct deposit; enables bill payment; and allows money transfer to family and friends through a PayPartnersRemit(TM) card.
CCSI charters with West Coast Bank, and processing through the Star and Plus ATM networks.
We now have a way to counter this bold attempt by Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Home Savings to penalize consumers whose banks are members of the STAR, Cirrus or Plus ATM networks but happen not to be their customers," said Doug Stewart, first executive vice president of Sanwa's Marketing & Delivery Support Group.
CCSI chartered with West Coast Bank, and processes through the Star and Plus ATM networks.