Pliocene epoch

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from 13 million to 2 million years ago


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The evidence was obtained by scientists looking back three million years to the Pliocene epoch, when global temperatures were 3C to 5C higher than they are today.
It started many cons ago, with man's fascination, when the earth's largest land animal evolved in the middle Pliocene epoch after the cataclysmic extinction of the dinosaurs.
This amazing area is considered one of the best outcrops of the Citronelle Formation, which dates back to the Pliocene epoch, making it a hotbed for research activity by geologists and university students.
Sinaechinocyamus has existed in Taiwan since the Pliocene Epoch (Wang, 1984); Scaphechinus was recorded in the Pliocene Epoch in both Taiwan (Hayasaka and Morishita, 1947) and Japan (Mooi, 1989), but is extant in Japan only.
For instance, the older of the two supernovae happened near the end of the Pliocene epoch, when our planet had just begun cooling.