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waterlines to show the level the water should reach when the ship is properly loaded

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When the watermark hits the Plimsoll line the boat is full, it has reached its safe carrying capacity.
If 19th-century shipowners were so concerned about the risks they were running as to be prepared to accept the Plimsoll line to get insurance, what risk reduction measures might they have taken had there been no insurance available?
Steel Bay, next to the Plimsoll Line pub on High Street, is the brainchild of Redcar photographer and entrepreneur Paul Kitchener.
It's great to see homegrown talents such as Joe Shaughnessy, Cammy Smith, Ryan Jack and Peter Pawlett becoming integral parts of a side that, for once, isn't struggling to peer above that top-six plimsoll line.
He campaigned for Gladstone to lead the Liberals, championed Irish Home Rule, backed the Plimsoll line on ships and he successfully fought off a charge of criminal libel in 1905 after he had accused the licensing magistrates of being in the pockets of the breweries - a verdict that still rings today as a step in legal press freedom.
Or that a black plimsoll line was painted on the royal bath at Windsor Castle under the orders of the King, to ensure only three inches of water was allowed in an attempt to impose water rationing?
It is morality in punting that has come under the Commission's microscope, specifically matters arising out of the technological advances that have propelled in-running betting into the mainstream, and apparently seen advantaged punters sailing first class, while the rest of us huddle together below the Plimsoll line.
1 Remus; 2 Christchurch; 3 Perfect Day; 4 Dephlogisticated air; 5 Mongooses; 6 As You Like It; 7 Morocco; 8 The Equestrain Three-Day Event; 9 Hampshire; 10 The Plimsoll line.
East Cleveland The Plimsoll Line, Redcar; Asda, Skelton; Ironstone Miner, Guisborough.
In the previous ten seasons 76 points would put a team comfortably above the Plimsoll Line, in fact in six of the 11 seasons it was enough for a top-four finish.
A The fly B The cat C The wolf D The sparrow QUESTION 3 - for 3 points: Where would a Plimsoll line be seen?
Would the garage door have a Plimsoll line perhaps?
The news that super-trooper Admiral Lord West, the Navy chief picked by Brown as security minister, who embarrassed him by telling the truth that there was no need to increase the period of time suspects could be held without charge, may or may not have been going below the Plimsoll line with the brunette one out of Abba, won't prove to be the salty old "simple sailor's" Waterloo.
His Steel Bay sports and cocktail bar is proposed for an empty former tropical fish shop next to the Plimsoll Line pub.