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Besides, differential diagnosis of plica syndrome is sometimes hard with other intra-articular disorders.
The history of presentation, signs and symptoms may overlap a diagnosis of lateral epicondylitis, posterior lateral plica syndrome or lateral epicondyle stress fracture making MSKUS a key tool for diagnosis and treatment of this disorder.
Trauma with repetitive knee movement leads to inflammation and thickening of the plica, resulting in medial plica syndrome.
Reliable clinical diagnostic tests are unavailable so the diagnosis of the disorder is made by exclusion of intra-articular pathologies, patellar tendinopathy, peripatellar bursitis, plica syndrome, Sinding-Larsen-Johansson, and Osgood-Slatter lesions (Ivkovic et al 2007, Thomee et al 1999).
Patients with plica syndrome are best treated with soft-tissue mobilization, ultrasound, or a knee sleeve that has side support.