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a measuring instrument for measuring changes in volume of a part or organ or whole body (usually resulting from fluctuations in the amount of blood it contains)

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Makoto Sato and colleagues from Asahikawa Medical University in Hoikkado, Japan evaluated the association of baseline pleth variability index (PVI) from Masimo SET[R] pulse oximetry and dexmedetomidine-induced changes in blood pressure.
Theoretically, the relatively frequent pleth oscillations (vasomotion) in micro-capillaries (smallest capillaries) overlap the less frequent heart rate dependent oscillations in macro-capillaries (largest capillaries).
The Pinterest workshop is co-sponsored by the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Jonesboro Association, East Arkansas Planning and Development District, Pleth LLC, First Security Bank, Liberty Bank of Arkansas, and Simmons First Bank.
has announced that a new study published in the peer-reviewed journal Critical Care Medicine demonstrates that noninvasive, continuous monitoring of Masimo Pleth Variability Index (PVI[R]) predicts fluid responsiveness with high sensitivity (95%) and specificity (91%) in mechanically-ventilated patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
Oates still has great memories of his teammates, like running backs Lane McCarthy and John Pleth, tight end Kenny Payton, receiver Mike Schaffel and offensive linemen Tim Orr and Dave Eichten.
As part of the upgradable Masimo Rainbow[R] SET technology platform, SpHb and SpOC join pleth variability index (PVITM), a new method for noninvasive and automatic assessment of fluid responsiveness, as well as carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO[R]), methemoglobin (SpMet[R]) and the 'gold standard' measure-through-motion-and-low-perfusion Sp[O.
Ei thema yw'r 'Pedwar Pleth Olaf', ac mae'n deillio'n fras o waith Iesuwr o Sais, Robert Persons.
There is the $299 MPH-9800, which displays oxygen saturation, pulse rate and perfusion index, while the $399 MPH-9900 (evaluated here) adds respiratory rate and pleth variability index.
In conjunction with the appropriate Philips patient monitoring platform, Masimos rainbow SET technology analyzes multiple wavelengths of light to accurately measure total hemoglobin (SpHb), oxygen content (SpOC), carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO), methemoglobin (SpMet) and Pleth Variability Index (PVI) non-invasively and continuously.
They stated: "Pleth Variability index (PVI) measurement measures pleth variability non-invasively with the sensor on the skin of patients, so that there is no issue for safety.
According to the company, the monitoring system includes a vivid three-inch color LCD screen, connectivity to analytics tools and patient management systems, compatible with Nellcor sensors with OxiMax technology and offers SpO2, pulse rate, SatSeconds alarm management, pleth waveform, blip bar and tabular trend information.