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one of the paired abdominal appendages of certain aquatic crustaceans that function primarily for carrying the eggs in females and are usually adapted for swimming

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From each female, eggs were carefully removed from the pleopods using tweezers and counted under a stereomicroscope.
Transcripts in pleopods, hindgut, gills, and midgut gland support this assumption; its functional diversity is exemplified in the crustacean immune response (Shi et al.
Otherwise, the morphology of the male peraeopod seven and pleopods one and two firmly places the Real County population within the species M.
Low pleopodal egg counts in female crayfish may be caused by damaged females that have lost eggs, females that have not completed extruding eggs, or failure of eggs to be fertilized or adhere to pleopods (Reynolds, 2002).
The following classes and developmental stages of mysids were distinguished: juveniles--sexual characteristics are not developed; the distinction of juveniles and the remaining population was made between 6 and 9 mm length-classes; subadult males--the 4th pleopods short; adult males elongated 4th pleopods reach beyond the posterior edge of the last abdominal segment; females without marsupia (stage 1); females with the marsupia developing but no larvae present (stage 2); females with larvae present in the marsupium (stage 3); females with fully developed but empty marsupia (stage 4).
Sexual difference in modes of selection on the pleopods of crayfish (Decapoda: Astacoidea) revealed by the allometry of developmentally homologous traits.
Eggs are fertilized and extruded, then held on the pleopods of the female's abdomen until larvae are released 12-15 days later.
Gammarus fossarum Koch is one of the four species of gammarids of the pulex group (Karaman and Pinkster 1977a, b, 1987), recognizable by the setation of the second antennae and the morphology of uropods and pleopods (Roux 1963, Goedsmakers 1981b).
At the third stage the first segment of the pleopods emerge on the ventral side of each abdominal segment.
Serum protein index should never be used without simultaneously assessing molt stage by microscopic examination of pleopods (Lyle & MacDonald 1983), or potentially by pigment stage (Musgrove 2001) although the latter has only been validated in one species of spiny lobster (the Southern Rock Lobster, Jasus edwardsii).
The eggs are attached to the female's pleopods, but they are not connected to her circulatory or nervous systems.
The identification of the different moult stages of adult lobster was carried out by staging the developmental morphology of the pleopods following the methods outlined in reference [28].
Female mud crabs will bury themselves in sand to lay their eggs; the sand allows the eggs more mobility to attach themselves to the mother's pleopods, the smaller legs.
The laboratory protocols were the same as those of Vazzoler (1996); eggs were removed from pleopods by dissociation in 10% NaClO, and were then vigorous stirred.