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a vote by the electorate determining public opinion on a question of national importance

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Even 40 percent of supporters of the opposition Kuomintang said they were in favor of a plebiscite on the topic, according to Taiwan Brain Trust executive officer Chen Chih-chung, the son of former President Chen Shui-bian.
While the administration will do its best to frame a constitutional plebiscite as a referendum on the current dispensation, the well-established, widespread ignorance of the public on the constitution and related issues, suggests the electorate could revert to type: a small minority might be passionate about the subject but most will find it an academic debate.
Conservative Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's policy is for a national vote, or plebiscite, but that proposal was defeated in the Senate in late 2016.
GENEVA -- British expert and historian Victoria Schofield has said that the holding of UN-supervised plebiscite under UN Security Council resolutions (UNSC) is a key requirement to resolve the Kashmir dispute.
That step forward was timed to the step backward by agreeing to recognise the results of the plebiscites.
Plebiscites became popular in the mid-19th century as tools of liberal and revolutionary movements to express the popular will.
MONTREAL: Canada, whose province of Quebec had a referendum on independence, has offered Sudan assistance in organizing a plebiscite about the future of its restive southern region, the government announced.
The mayors then decided among themselves to carry out a plebiscite.
The city of Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, on Sunday gave notice it will hold a plebiscite March 12 to ask citizens whether they will accept a plan to relocate U.
But Broder's larger argument stands: Initiatives are faux plebiscites, engineered by moneyed agendas.
The KMT, which holds a comfortable majority in the legislature and dominates the Constitution-amending National Assembly, is not opposed to introducing plebiscites but wants their scope strictly limited to minor policy issues.
Mexicans have been utilizing consultas, referendums, and public plebiscites since 1993, when the independent political organization Alianza Civica held a consultation in Mexico City's Zocalo plaza to ask citizens whether the capital city should become the nation's 32nd state.
In two previous plebiscites, voters chose continuation of Commonwealth.
The purpose of this article is to examine how our opinions, expressed in referendums or plebiscites, can be used to create, change, or sustain our national laws.
The Comelec is scheduled to hold plebiscites in Barangays NBBS, Tangos and Tanza on Jan.