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(criminal law) a negotiation in which the defendant agrees to enter a plea of guilty to a lesser charge and the prosecutor agrees to drop a more serious charge

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Hugo Miguel Silvestre Batista, 33, of Newport Road, Cardiff, plead guilty to driving without insurance.
When prosecutors announced the federal charge earlier this month, they also reported that Ludlow had agreed to plead guilty of conspiring to break labor laws.
Ludlow, who has agreed to plead guilty to one of the most serious charges, was charged by both county and federal officials along with Janett Humphries, former president of Service Employees International Union Local 99.
pled guilty today to two charges of federal mail fraud and signed a plea agreement to plead guilty to a pending state conflict of interest charge.
LANCASTER - An ex-convict accused in a potential death-penalty case of shooting to death an auto shop worker and fatally beating a prostitute swore and yelled at a judge and declared that he wanted to plead guilty.
We have faith in God, faith in the court system, and we expected the outcome to go this direction - not necessarily that he would plead guilty, but that he would be found guilty,'' said Ron Steiner, who glared at his son's killer during the hearing.
Eldredge decided to plead guilty after Ventura County Sheriff's Sgt.
VENTURA - Admitting he killed Megan Barroso, accused murderer and serial rapist Vincent Sanchez offered to plead guilty Thursday to charges that would let him escape the death penalty.
Cracking the LAPD's code of silence, authorities announced Friday that a Rampart Division officer at the center of the scandal agreed to plead guilty to crimes and cooperate in the investigation - the third officer to do so this week.
And when she'd first told Maxwell she wanted to plead guilty, she testified, she'd agreed to reconsider and decide the next day.
In 1995, another lawyer convinced Wingfield to plead guilty to charges that she delivered the fatal blows.
In a toddler-death case that changed state child-welfare laws, prosecutors have offered Eve Wingfield a deal to plead guilty to letting her boyfriend abuse the child, her attorney said Thursday.
Gonzalez in arraignment court now, knowing what I know about the crime lab, I would not tell him to plead guilty,'' Lipson said.
The motion contended that Montgomery had been singled out for prosecution and that prosecutors had pressured him to plead guilty.
A former Superior Court judge was expected to plead guilty today to a charge of accepting money from a well-known trial attorney, a newspaper reported.