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(criminal law) a negotiation in which the defendant agrees to enter a plea of guilty to a lesser charge and the prosecutor agrees to drop a more serious charge

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On Sunday, Halimi's mother, Gita Zilberman, said the plea agreement "proves that we were speaking the truth all along.
I understand the severity of Senator Files' actions and that he has taken appropriate responsibility for those actions with today's plea agreement," Dismang said in a statement.
Nirschl's final sentence, however, will be decided in March by a federal judge who is under no obligation to accept the terms of the plea agreement.
The special procedure of guilty plea agreement can be operative with two exceptional cases provided by article 478, paragraph (6) and by article 480, paragraph (1) of the new Criminal procedure code:
His plea agreement has been made public and confirms he agreed to work undercover from December 2011.
The terms of these three plea agreements will help prevent this kind of environmental disaster from reoccurring in North Carolina and throughout the United States by requiring Duke subsidiaries to follow a rigorous and independently verifiable program to ensure they comply with the law.
The plea agreement she negotiated in Summit County will be canceled, he said.
As part of the plea agreement, Credit Suisse acknowledged that "for decades prior to and through 2009, it operated an illegal cross-border banking business that knowingly and willfully aided and assisted thousands of US clients in opening and maintaining undeclared accounts and concealing their offshore assets and income from the IRS.
PLEA AGREEMENT MADE: Walmart has entered into plea agreements with the U.
He is expected to enter into a guilty plea agreement at the next court hearing i=on June 5.
In effect, the Crown's decision to withdraw a plea agreement in
Cape Town, Aug 9 ( ANI ): The plea agreement of a man who has admitted to killing Brit-Indian bride Anni Dewani will strengthen the case against her husband and a co-accused, South Africa's prosecution authority has said.
As per a 28-page plea agreement filed in the federal case, Harris-Moore is negotiating the purchase of his life story for a movie, and under the plea agreement with federal prosecutors, Harris-Moore has also agreed to give up any proceeds earned from the sale of his story.
A plea agreement was reached with Makhoul confessing to conspiring with and assisting Hezbollah.