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Playworld Systems, founded in 1971, is a playground equipment maker and surfacing provider.
But this year the emphasis is on giving pupils a say on the new playground equipment the school buys with this year's tokens.
For more information about New England Recreation school playground equipment, or any other equipment and services, visit www.
Additional playground equipment will be placed near that area so that parents can easily watch children.
Zallaq Beach: Trash everywhere, broken playground equipment to the point of being unsafe for children.
High paint lead concentrations were found on all types of playground equipment and in all colours of paint tested; however, the highest lead concentrations were found in yellow and red paint.
and its subsidiary National Playground Compliance Group (NPCG) are providers of playground equipment, site amenities, and DuraMat playground safety tiles, made from recycled truck tires.
We will use the rest to purchase much-needed extra playground equipment.
Since most injuries result from falling from playground equipment, make sure you have protective surfacing: shock-absorbent ground material.
A number of studies have examined injuries associated with school playground equipment, including the type and frequency of injury, (4,5) the nature of the playground equipment, (6,7) the types of fall materials below the equipment, (8,9) and the methods for determining the risk of injury from playground equipment.
Association members also made improvements to the playground equipment at the park, Bagelman said.
In this study, a companion piece to a previous examination of children's playground equipment buyer perspectives, we investigate what children's playground equipment manufacturers think about using treated wood.
Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) had been used for decades in treating wood used in outdoor playground equipment, says Don Sackett, president of Innov-X Systems.
For several decades, CCA-treated wood was widely used in the United States, Canada, and other countries for playground equipment, fences, and backyard decks.
She plans to buy playground equipment or computers with the money.