Platte River

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a river in Nebraska that flows eastward to become a tributary of the Missouri River

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The Front Range Joint Dispatch--made up of the Platte River Power Authority, Black Hills Energy and Xcel, among others--began pooling resources to meet demand.
Platte River invested out of its third fund, Platte River Equity III, L.
MFG Chemical reported on Tuesday the completion of the acquisition of its majority interest by Platte River Equity for an undisclosed value.
In addition to Grand Mesa, Rimrock is developing the Platte River gathering system that will deliver significant volumes of crude oil to Grand Mesa Pipeline's origin point at Lucerne, CO.
In the months after the disaster, researchers detected record high levels of drugs in the South Platte River Basin, near the state's northern border.
Months after the disaster, scientists identified record high levels of drugs in the South Platte River Basin, close to Colorado's northern border.
Platte River Equity, a Colorado-based private equity firm that invests in lower middle market operating companies, has sold its portfolio company, The WellMark Company, to United States-based Dover Corporation (NYSE: DOV).
submerged by flooding along the South Platte River; a road crew works on a road washed out by flooding in Weld County; a tractor sits partially submerged in a field after flooding along the South Platte River; and a section of road is washed out by flooding along the South Platte River
The Platte River in central Nebraska, USA, was historically surrounded by mixed grass and tallgrass prairies and wet meadows, but many of those habitats were lost or altered during the last century with unknown effects on animals that reside in them.
In "The Search for the Westmoreland," diver Ross Richardson shares the history and recounts his discovery of the treasure shipwreck, which he found near where old newspaper reports had said it would be: "about two and a half miles from shore, slightly south of the Empire Bluffs and slightly east of the mouth of the Empire Bluffs and slightly east of the mouth of the Platte River.
Denver based private equity firm Platte River Ventures on Monday announced the sale of its portfolio company, PRV Aerospace LLC, to an affiliate of Court Square Capital Partners, a private equity firm with headquarters in New York.
Working with partners such as the EPA and The Greenway Foundation, whose Executive Director Jeff Shoemaker was recently awarded the "White House Champions of Change for Greening our Cities and Towns," Mayor Hancock and his team have focused on water quality improvements to make the South Platte River fishable and swimmable once again.
IN THE SHALLOWS of the Platte River, it's standing room only.
I have seen IHC-mounted go-devils still in use in Nebraska along the Platte River.
Another 60 papers explore such topics as population characteristics of channel catfish in Nebraska's Platte River, the historical use of "willow cats" as bait in the Upper Mississippi River Valley, the selection of interstice size by juvenile flathead catfish, using soap bait to prevent turtle bycatch on trotlines, and interactions between catfish and freshwater mollusks in North America.