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a military unit that is a subdivision of a company

a team of policemen working under the military platoon system

a group of persons who are engaged in a common activity

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The platoon commander, cold as ice, was a much smarter man than I'd given him credit for.
Platoon commander Lieutenant Sam Aitken told mourners that Pte Doherty had been so popular that every man in the 2nd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment had known and liked him.
The platoon commander ordered the vehicle to halt, so that he could assess the situation.
You know, I was a platoon commander in Vietnam, 1967 and `68.
Marines as a platoon commander and battalion intelligence officer, 1970-71.
One young platoon commander has become known as "the Midwife" for his role in two baby dramas close to the area where 14 Serb farmers were shot dead recently.
Butler's platoon commander Captain James Stafford Allen said that the defendant had spent the past eight weeks under curfew but had previously had a clean slate.
His platoon commander, Lt Jim Borthwick, said: "He's been an exceptional recruit who has shown clear leadership potential.
When the Korean War broke out, he volunteered to serve with his father's old regiment (the PPCLI) and, besides a spell as a platoon commander and intelligence officer, he served as an observer in AT-16 Harvard aircraft with the United States Air Force Tactical Control Group.
GRIEVING Lance Corporal Matt Thacker watched his platoon commander being brought home from Afghanistan last week - and yesterday he watched his brother.
As the recce platoon commander he cared deeply for his soldiers and they, in return, loved and respected him.
Lieutenant Martyn Fulford, 24, 4 platoon commander, from Churchdown in Gloucester, said: "It tied in to our intelligence reports that there were a number of suicide bombers preparing to attack us.
He was also a Platoon Commander where he mentored prospective Naval Academy candidates.
Captain Brad Pino, of 13 Platoon commander, said: "We left at first light this morning to push round into an area we know that the insurgents have used before and previously there has been an IED factory.