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United States writer and poet (1932-1963)


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With a worldwide property casualty network, Ballentine and Plath describe AIG as "one of a handful of carriers that can serve multi-national accounts with complex insurance needs.
They had two children, Frieda and Nicholas, but in 1963, after years of battling depression and several previous suicide attempts, Plath took her own life.
Ron and Caroline Plath of Lake Oswego, and Wendy and Alan Harris of Redmond, Wash.
com/fashion/2014/04/02/fashion-magazine-may-2014-cover-lorde/) Fashion , referring to being called the Sylvia Plath of pop music.
Many volumes have been written about poet and author Sylvia Plath (1932-62), but much of the myth surrounding her has been filtered by, and focused on the years after her marriage to, fellow poet Ted Hughes--who some blame for her suicide.
While Sylvia Plath belongs to the 20th century, Lawrence belongs to the late 19th century and 20th century and Blake to the 18th century.
Plath, who was resentful of her poor background, also thought of her mother, with whom she shared a bedroom, as controlling.
We isolated focal (N = 30) males in 38-l tanks for four days prior to the tests to ensure that they were motivated to mate (Schlupp & Plath 2005).
The paradox of the poem is that for Plath life itself is a kind of death, and she returns from near death in order to get dead once again.
Sylvia Plath and the Mythology of Women Readers examines how media and popular culture portray female readers of Sylvia Plath's poetry and works.
The performance is based on a rarely performed work from the revered poet/writer Sylvia Plath.
AN EXTRACT from a letter which former poet laureate Ted Hughes wrote to his tragic wife Sylvia Plath will be among the works to be read as he is given his place in Westminster Abbey tonight.
Wine and beer importer The Morgenrot Group has appointed Carl Plath as its new managing director following the death of Ray Flynn last month.
The Feeding of Young Women'" considers the way in which Plath uses significant moments of eating throughout her novel to underscore the intense hold that Mademoiselle's domestic, behavioral models have on Esthers sense of self.
James Plath contributes to this photographic mythos in his new book, Historic Photos of Ernest Hemingway (2009).