Platanus orientalis

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large tree of southeastern Europe to Asia Minor

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Papaveraceae Argemone ochroleuca Sweet M Rt Tcp Platanaceae Platanus orientalis L.
It was found that there is limited information about the propagation of Platanus orientalis L.
This study was conducted to determine the effects of different times of collection of cuttings and different auxins (IBA - NAA) and doses about the propagation of Platanus orientalis L.
As a result of this study carried out to determine the rooting performances of the cuttings of Platanus orientalis L.
It was determined that rooting rate in cuttings of Platanus orientalis L.
pubercens and Platanus orientalis, which is a typical river bank vegetation (Fakir 2006).
spicata + Nerium oleander + Pistacia terebinthus - Platanus orientalis + B.
Platanus orientalis community in the area belongs to Alno-Populetea Knapp 1959 class, the rock communities belong to Asplenietea trichomanis Br.
11-33] Characteristic species of Nerium oleander-Platanus orientalis community Platanus orientalis Vitis vinifera [I.
1997), enquanto alguns botanicos, entre eles Lopez-Gonzalez (1998), levantam a hipotese de que a especie pode ser uma variacao natural do Platanus orientalis L.
Segundo Reitz (1984), o Platanus x acerifolia e resultado do cruzamento genetico espontaneo entre o Platanus orientalis, originario do sudeste da Europa, Asia Menor, Ira, Afeganistao e noroeste da India e o Platanus occidentalis L.
Platanus orientalis (Chinar, Plane tree) belongs to family Platanacea.
European plane is believed to be a cross or hybrid of two trees that grow naturally in the wild - the eastern plane, Platanus orientalis, and western plane, Platanus occidentalis.