Platanus occidentalis

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very large spreading plane tree of eastern and central North America to Mexico

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Other common species included Acer saccharinum, Aesculus glabra, Juglans nigra, Platanus occidentalis, and Populus deltoides.
Riverbank and sandylgravel shoreline: The four most common trees along river corridor were Acer saccharinum, Morns alba, Platanus occidentalis, and Populus deltoides.
Composition: Floodplain Forest was dominated by Ulmus americana (American elm), Fraxinus pennsylvanica (green ash), Populus deltoides, Salix nigra (black willow), Tilia americana (basswood), and Platanus occidentalis (sycamore).
Common persimmon Diospyros virginiana Green ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica Honey locust Gleditsia triacanthos Black walnut Juglans nigra Eastern red cedar Juniperus virginiana Bois d'arc Maclura pomifera Red mulberry Morus rubra American sycamore Platanus occidentalis Eastern cottonwood Populus deltoides Bur oak Quercus macrocarpa Shumard oak Quercus shumardii Black willow Salix nigra Eve's necklace Sophora affinis Winged elm Ulmus alata American elm Ulmus americana Cedar elm Ulmus crassifolia Slippery elm Ulmus rubra Table 2.
Based on relative importance values (RIV), the important species for the floodplain woods to the north of the summit are Populus deltoides, Ulmus americana, Platanus occidentalis, and Robinia pseudoacacia, while the important species for the floodplain woods to the south of the summit are Acer saccharum, Aesculus glabra, Ulmus rubra, and Celtis occidentalis.
saccharum, Aesculus glabra, Carpinus caroliniana, Fraxinus pennsylvanica, Juglans nigra, Platanus occidentalis, Populus deltoides, Ulmus americana, and U.
Other abundant species include Platanus occidentalis, Prunus serotina, Carya cordiformis, and C.
Note that American sycamore is Platanus occidentalis.
nuchale in moderate abundance in an unnamed tributary of Halls Creek (downstream of Glenn Spring) where they exclusively use Platanus occidentalis roots covered in Fontinalis (unpubl.
on drier topographic positions to Platanus occidentalis and Acer saccharinum on the floodplains.
The overstory in areas that receive the most flooding consists of a few very large, scattered stems of Platanus occidentalis.
European plane is believed to be a cross or hybrid of two trees that grow naturally in the wild - the eastern plane, Platanus orientalis, and western plane, Platanus occidentalis.
3 Platanus occidentalis -- -- -- -- Celtis laevigata 6.
Acer saccharinum, Acer rubrum, Carya laciniosa, Fraxinus pennsylvanica, Platanus occidentalis, and Populus deltoides are prominent in localized areas, where soil drainage is the poorest.
racemosa, Crataegus mollis, Platanus occidentalis, Rosa multiflora, R.